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Flood Damage in the United States, 1926-2003
A Reanalysis of National Weather Service Estimates

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About this Website
Accuracy of Damage Estimates
Appendix A
Appendix B

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Basin Data Set

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Citation Information, Full Report
Contact Information

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Data Omissions and Inconsistencies
Data-Related FAQs
Data Updates
Development of the Data Sets
Drainage Basin Data Set

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Executive Summary

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List of Figures
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Full Report
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HTML Version, Full Report

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Learn More (FAQs)
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National Data Set

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PDF Version, Full Report
Project-Related FAQs

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Further Reading

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Search This Website
Sources of Flood Damage Estimates, 1926-2003
Sources of Inaccuracy in the Flood Damage Data
States Data Set

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Table Of Contents, Full Report
List of Tables

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Updates, Data and Website
Use and Interpretation of NWS Flood Damage Data

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Website Updates

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